Our History


Rotherhithe Consolidated Charities (RCC) was established in 1905, following consolidation of a number of historic bequests for parishioners in need dating back to around 1600. RCC exists for the benefit of those living in its area of benefit, the Ancient Parish of Rotherhithe, in the London Borough of Southwark, that are in need. The Ancient Parish of Rotherhithe broadly equates to Rotherhithe and Surrey Docks wards and small parts of North Bermondsey, South Bermondsey and Old Kent Road Wards. 

RCC's Trustees recently committed to modernising the charity's operations. In 2022, a review of RCC's charitable giving and local needs assessment was published by local voluntary and community sector consultant, Dr Alex Evans. The review presented significant new evidence of deprivation affecting communities of interest in the Ancient Parish of Rotherhithe and recommended that the charity repurpose its operations to meet these identified needs and to make best use of its resources. 

From March 2023, the charity aims to improve lives of residents living in the Ancient Parish of Rotherhithe through: 

  • Stipends for older people
  • Hardship grants, by public and voluntary sector organisations referral
  • Community grants to organisations.
Since July 2022, the charity's day to day operations are managed by Southwark Charities, a Southwark based grant-maker, to organisations supporting the well-being of Southwark's older residents aged 55 plus, and provider of genuinely affordable almshouses accommodation.